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Yay, another Horse Tip Daily Podcast from Kari DeLeeuw, and this again very directly related to the topic of massage….

We are very excited to have Dr. De Leeuw on the Horse Tip Daily Show with us. Dr. De Leeuw is a Veterinarian with a twist. She specializes and is well known for her chiropractic and acupuncture work. Listen in as she speaks about saddle fit and choosing saddle pads. Listen in…

Horse Tip Daily #151 – Dr. Kari De Leeuw on Saddle Fit and the Back:

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Here’s another resource for you…

Of course, I hope you’ll especially listen to the tips from Dr. DeLeeuw and myself, but the Horse Tip Daily Radio Show offers a short tip each day from many experts on various horse topics, from massage (that’s me!) and chiropractic (with Dr. Kari DeLeeuw), to other health care topics (dental, hoof and digestive), training and riding, natural horsemanship, photography, and more.

They really put on a good show at the Horse Radio Network, and it’s fun to get the short tips frequently, and with such variety to keep us all on our toes for our horses’ sakes!

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