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If you haven’t already seen this video through the All About Animal Massage site or newsletter, here’s a link to a video taken from an equine massage class I taught, which shows a technique for helping your horse’s ribs, breath, and back (so therefore everything really :)) It also includes some discussion of the anatomy behind it, which is how I teach all the techniques and anatomy in The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage: What Your Horse Wants You to Know. That is, I like to teach them in chunks together, so they enhance each other through the connections.


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OK, so I technically started this blog almost a year ago now, but then got a little distracted by the other events and tasks related to launching AllAboutAnimalMassage.com and publishing books and e-books on horse and dog massage. But 2010 is clearly the year to really get this blog rolling. Watch for tips, links, videos, podcasts and the latest e-books. I’ll even let you horse folks know when the cat massage book will be ready, though don’t tell your horses or dogs I said that 🙂
(And PLEASE don’t tell your cats their book came third, chronologically at least!)

I’m happy to launch this new beginning with a resource I know many of you will positively drool over, a FREE On-Line Equine Anatomy course! (Free only during 2010, so don’t wait!)
This is a very generous offering from Equinology to the horse world. So check it out, and I hope you enjoy it! (Actually, there is a $15 fee to cover administration costs, but in 2011 the cost will be $150, so still a steal of a deal for anyone interested in horse anatomy, equine massage, or equine massage training.)

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